Thursday, July 23, 2009

Batch Convert Videos To iPod

What shall we do if we have dozens of videos need to be converted to iPod? So that's why we need batch convert videos to iPod!
Today the topic is convert videos to ipod in batch mode. I'll show you the way batch convert videos to iPod with one set by several click.
The video converter I am using is Leawo Video Converter Pro. You can also use Leawo Free iPod Converter,it is free and clean. Both of them support convert videos in batch mode. If your video converter has batch convert mode, you can also use it.
Step 1: Add videos to the video converter.
You can click "Add", then multi-select videos by press "Ctrl" when you left click on them. Or you can also drag and drop multiple videos into the converter at once. This video converter can support most popular format like AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, MPEG, WMV, MOV, DV, DivX, Xvid, VOB, ASF, MPG, MP3, WMA, 3GP, RM, RMVB, and many audio formats! You' ll get a video list in the converter like me after this.
Step 2: Settings
First, set the output format. Selcet one of the file in your files list by left click it. Then click the drop-down button next to “Style” on the main interface, you will see a video format list for iPod. Choose one base on your iPod. I chose iPod touch H.264(480*320)(*mp4) for my iTouch. iPod can support both MP4 and H.264, so both of them are ok.
So you have set one of the video to the right output format. You can just click , you can clone this settings to all of your videos in the list. That is the most important step in batch video convertion.
Btw, don't forget to set a output folder to save your iPod video. It is similar as set output format.
Second, do more settings if you want to control the video size and video quality.
Click the setting button. You can set Video Codec, Bit Rate, Video Size etc. in this menu. Most time I will change nothing. I alway use the default settings. And of course, you can also apply this set to all of the videos by one click.
You can also save this set as your default setting by click "Save As". So next time you can use it dorectly.
Step 3: What's the last step?
Click start button to start the convertion of course. The videos will be converted one by one. If you want to add these videos together, you can select "Merge into one" .
Oh, right, if you convert videos in batch mode when you sleep, remember choose shut down computer after convertion.
So that is what I know about batch convert video to iPod, do you like it? If you have any problem with batch videos to iPod convertsion, please leave me comments.
Thanks for visit!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Convert MOV to VOB, an easy way to burn MOV movies to DVD.

Why we convert MOV to VOB?
VOB stands for DVD Video Object. It is basically one of the core files found on DVD-Video discs and contains the actual movie data. Basically VOB file is just a basic MPEG-2 system stream -- meaning that it is a file that contains multiplexed MPEG-2 video stream, audio streams (normally AC3 and DTS formats) and subtitle streams. ""

So everytime when you got a MOV movie, like the movie you edited in iMovie, you can convert the MOV video to VOB if you want to burn it to DVD, and need to play it in DVD player. It is a easy burn movies to DVD disk, but not all the movie in DVD can be played in DVD player. VOB is a good choice. Not only MOV, but also other video format like 3GP, MP4, FLV, MKV etc. can be converted to VOB before burned to blank DVD. Then you can enjoy the DVD movie made by yourself in home.

How to convert MOV to VOB?
It is easy to convert MOV to VOB with video converter. You just need a video converter first. You can download one or buy one online. Or you can just try what I am using called Leawo MAC Video Converter, for Windows users Leawo Video Converter.

The process are same as Convert Video To Music
Step1: Add MOV videos to the converter.
Step2: Set output video format as VOB, and set the out put path. You can also trim and crop the video with this video converter, btw. And you can add watermark on video if you use MAC video converter.
Step3: Start the convertion and wiat till it finished. Then you can get a VOB video.

After you change the MOV movie to VOB, you can burn the movies to blank DVD with burn software like Nero. It is the most famous burn sofware at this moment. And I am using it. It is good.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to get a free mac video converter with no watermark?

blog to get free mac video converter with no watermarkThere are so many people seeking for a free mac video converter with no watermark. But most of the video converters are said to be "free". Some of them are trail version, it means you need to pay for it after the trail version. And you can only convert 5 minutes videos with this trail converter. And most of the ‘free’ converter will leave a watermark in the middle of the video you converted. It is really annoying.

So how to get a free video converter with no watermark for mac??
Let me show you. Here is a good chance to get a mac video converter for MAC.

Search "free MAC video converter" in google, you'll find Leawo MAC Video Converter is giving away now for the new product launch. You should not ignore this news. This promotion will last only one month, from 14th, Jul to 14th, Aug. You can get a real free video converter for mac, no watermark of course, just by writing a blog or following them on twitter. Here are details.

Plan A: Write Blog to get software free of charge
Qualification: Only one blog is enough. Write an article or evaluation no less than 400 words about one of the series.
1. Your blog has 10 or above articles, and it should be updated in the latest 15 days.
2. Publish your article or evaluation to your blog with at least one hyperlink in relation to our products’ website.
3. Just send an email to us after finishing your blog. The email should be contain the article link, the title of your article, an valid email address and the exact software you really need.

Plan B: Twitter promotion to get software free of charge
Qualification: As a twitter is a must, and you have 1,000 or more followers!
1. You should be our follower by following us.
2. Add pictures that we prepared for twitter activity as background to your account, about 2 weeks.
3. Set the link as the More Info URL in your twitter profile for 2 weeks.
4. Just email us after finishing the task. The email should be contain the twitter account link, an valid email address, your activity time from beginning to the end and the exact software you really need.

It is a good chance to get a real free mac video converter with no watermark, right? And I am interest in this way to exchange free video converter with a piece of blog. So I think I earn the mac converter. Besides, they may put my blog link on their page, so I may get a link to my blog.

Whatever, you should try to write a blog like me. Not just for no watermark free mac video converter, but also the right of speech!

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Monday, July 20, 2009

How to watermark a video on MAC?

It is a hard work to make a good video by ourself. So after we finished the little film, we need to add our sign on it. Here I want to show you how to add watermark on our video for MAC.

What I am using to watermark videos is Leawo MAC Video Converter. I said Leawo MAC Video Converters are giveaway now, so I got a free one. Learn more about give away video converters.

Now, here we go!

Step 1: Install and run the software.
After installing and running the Mac Video Converter, you will see the following main interface.

Step 2: Do some essential settings
Click "Add " button to load video files you want to convert.
Select each file and choose the output format in "Profile".
Select video and audio quality that you need.
Set an output folder by "Output" for the destination files.

Step 3: Add watermark to your video.
Click "Edit" button, then you can see a window like this.

Click "Watermark", you can add your watermark here now. Check "Enable Watermark", and click "Image Watermark" or "Text Watermark" to add watermark to the video. And you can adjust the transparency, margin, and watermark size.
Higher transparency will make your watermark looked lighter. The margin will control where your watermark placeed on the screen. The watermark size is easy to understand, right?

Step 4: Convert Videos
When you have got ready for the settings for the added videos in the video converter program, you can click start mac video to avi conversion button to start conversion. Just for a while, the conversion would finish. Then you can have your video watermarked.

Wish it can help you.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some Free Wedding DVD Cover PSD Templates

Here are some free wedding DVD cover PSD templates. It will be useful if you are making a wedding video DVD. You can open them with Photoshop, then edit them easily. Just change some words, you can get a beautiful DVD cover. I upload them to, so click download, then you can get them freely.

So wish you enjoy them, free wedding DVD cover templates.

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