Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How to put videos on iPod freely?

Today let's talk about how to put videos on iPod.

Part 1,

Check your video format first. iPod can only support MP4 and H.264 videos. So if you want to put videos to iPod, you must make sure your video format is right. If you videos are not in the right format, you need to convert it. You need a video converter, like Leawo Free iPod Converter.

So let's see how to convert a video to iPod MP4 format with Leawo Free iPod Converter at the first part.

1, Open the program as usual.

2, Click add to find the video you want to convert. Or you can just drag and drop the video into this video converter. This free iPod converter support batch mode, so you can add several videos at the same time.

3, Do some setting. Set the outout format and save path. You can also merge some videos into one with Leawo Free iPod Converter as I said in the last post.

4, Click the big green button to start the progress. It will take about 2 minutes to convert a 100M video.

Part 2,

So I think you have got an iPod MP4 video. We need to transfer it to iPod now. Let's see how to transfer video to iPod.

1, Through the iTunes. After you connect your iPod to the computer, you can sync the video into iPod like other files. And do remember put the video in the folder 'movies'.

2, You can also put the videos onto iPod in disk mode. Here is a page can tell you how to put iPod into disk mode. Then you will find a moveable disc when you connect the iPod with your computer through the USB line. So you can copy and paste, =]. And remember to put it in the right folder!

That is all, you can try to put your videos on iPod now! GOODLUCK!

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