Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to Upload MSWMM Video to Youtube?

I think you must have met this problem, or why you are looking for how to upload MSWMM video to Youtube. Here I' ll show you how to change MSWMM file to WMV video and how to upload it to Youtube. You don't need any MSWMM converter, the tool we need is just Windows Movie Maker. You can find WMM in the folder "Windows"-"Movie Maker" easily.

MSWMM file is a project file of Windows Movie Maker. If you clicked "File"-"Save" when you finished the project, all of your work would be saved as a MSWMM file. But MSWMM file is not a video file, so you can only check it in WMM. And Youtube can not support it of course.

So if we want to upload a MSWMM to Youtube, we need to change the MSWMM file to video at first, then it will be very easy to upload a video file to youtube.

Part 1, Change MSWMM file to WMV video.
mswmm to youtube, mswmm converter, windows movie maker Open the MSWMM file with Windows Movie Maker now. You can double click on the file or just drag-drop it into the WMM. Then find "Publish to"- "This Computer". Follow the prompts, you can easily save your project as a WMV format video.

Part 2, Upload the video to Youtube.
Youtube can support QuickTime .MOV, Windows .AVI, or .MPG files and WMV video formats. As you have got a WMV video, you can upload the video to Youtube now. But if your want to reduce your video size, you can try to convert the WMV video to MP4. A smaller video size will make the upload prcess shorter. And MP4 is the best choice. You can use Leawo Free MP4 Converter to convert the video. And here you can find a step by step guide about convert video to MP4.
Now here is the page to upload video to Youtube. Wish you enjoy it. Btw, you'll need a Youtube account or Gmail account first.

That's all about upload MSWMM video to Youtube. So stop finding MSWMM converter, there is no other converter can do this as I know. Now only two steps, you can put the MSWMM file to Youtube. Any feedback is welcome, Please leave your comments.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

How to Make HD Video for Youtube?

I think you must have noticed, some of the Youtube video have a little "HD" button on the left bottom. It means you can also watch the video in HD mode. So how can you make a HD video for your Youtube channel? How can we make our video quality as high as we can.

1. First of all, make your original video quality as high as possible. If you shoot the video with your camera, you'd better choose HD devices. If you are editting videos downloaded online, you should try to find the best quality video material.

2. Edit your video with your original material. Because the video will loss quality everytime you recode it.

3. If your video edit software can't recognize your original video format, you can try to convert the videos to AVI format. AVI is the most popular format, it can be supported by most of the video edit software. (But not for MAC.) And AVI format is the most complete video format which can keep your video quality. If you are use Leawo Video Converter, you can chose "Lossless Uncompressed AVI" as the output format.

4. Though Youtube can accept most of popular video format, like AVI, MP4, MPEG, MOV etc. Keep your video in a reasonable size is very important. So when you finished the video, you may need to convert your video again. To reduce your video size or change your video format.
You can control the output quality when you convert videos with Leawo Video Converter. And diferent video format result in different video size.

5. For me I always use MPG as the output format for short videos, and MP4 for long ones. Youtube machine will separate HD video with No-HD video according the rate of video size and video longth. So if your video is not so high definition, you can also try to make your video size bigger, so that's why I choose MPG for short videos.

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