Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Convert MOV to VOB, an easy way to burn MOV movies to DVD.

Why we convert MOV to VOB?
VOB stands for DVD Video Object. It is basically one of the core files found on DVD-Video discs and contains the actual movie data. Basically VOB file is just a basic MPEG-2 system stream -- meaning that it is a file that contains multiplexed MPEG-2 video stream, audio streams (normally AC3 and DTS formats) and subtitle streams. ""

So everytime when you got a MOV movie, like the movie you edited in iMovie, you can convert the MOV video to VOB if you want to burn it to DVD, and need to play it in DVD player. It is a easy burn movies to DVD disk, but not all the movie in DVD can be played in DVD player. VOB is a good choice. Not only MOV, but also other video format like 3GP, MP4, FLV, MKV etc. can be converted to VOB before burned to blank DVD. Then you can enjoy the DVD movie made by yourself in home.

How to convert MOV to VOB?
It is easy to convert MOV to VOB with video converter. You just need a video converter first. You can download one or buy one online. Or you can just try what I am using called Leawo MAC Video Converter, for Windows users Leawo Video Converter.

The process are same as Convert Video To Music
Step1: Add MOV videos to the converter.
Step2: Set output video format as VOB, and set the out put path. You can also trim and crop the video with this video converter, btw. And you can add watermark on video if you use MAC video converter.
Step3: Start the convertion and wiat till it finished. Then you can get a VOB video.

After you change the MOV movie to VOB, you can burn the movies to blank DVD with burn software like Nero. It is the most famous burn sofware at this moment. And I am using it. It is good.

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