Tuesday, July 14, 2009

There Will Be No Windows Movie Maker In Windows 7

windows movie maker in windows 7Windows Movie Maker is a basic video creating/editing software included in Microsoft Windows. Windows Me was the first version to include Windows Movie Maker. Then the Windows XP, Windows Vista all have Windows Movie Maker in them. But it's not in Windows 7.

So what does it mean to the Movie Maker users? We need to download and install one or two versions of Window Movie Maker, along with Photo Story 3, and continue making movies.

One of the obvious way to get Movie Maker is to download the Windows LIve Suite and include the Windows LIve Movie Maker option. That gets you the newest version from Microsoft, but considerably slimmed down in features from the MM2.1 in XP or MM6 in Vista. It is still possible to run any version of Windows Movie Maker by simply copying the original Movie Maker files from a previous version of Windows into Windows 7. This method works for all versions of Windows Movie Maker including the Windows Vista version if your hardware supports it.

There are 5 versions of movie maker you could add to the Windows 7. You could add Microsoft's Windows Live Movie Maker, Movie Maker 2.6 and Photo Story 3 to the clean slate. Since that article I mentioned above MM1, MM2.1 and MM6 from XP and Vista, and they all work to some extent.

Windows Live Movie Maker

This one is the future of Windows Movie Maker. It's intended for Vista and Windows 7 users. See this article and series for more info.
Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker 2.6
Many Vista users had issues with Movie Maker because of their graphics card. To help them, Microsoft stripped down version 2.1, the flagship latest version of Movie Maker in XP, and produced version 2.6. It's a free download from Microsoft and the installation works in Windows 7 in addition to Vista. Here's the link to get it.
Movie Maker 2.6

Windows Movie Maker 1
This is the first version of Movie Maker, one without special effects and transitions. It was included in Windows Me and the first release of XP.
It'll work but not handle video clips until you register wmmfilt.dll. So it is not really useful for us.

Movie Maker 2.1
It's the latest version for that system and one that supports all kinds of 3rd party and user tweaks of effects, transitions and title overlays.
Take your thumb drive to your computer running XP SP2 or later, go to the Movie Maker program folder and copy it with its sub-folders. Then put it in a folder of your choice in Windows 7.
It'll work but as with MM1 not have all features unless you register some DLLs: wmm2ae.dll, wmm2dvr.dll (if you have it), wmm2ext.dll, wmm2filt.dll, wmm2fxa.dll, and wmm2fxb.dll.

Movie Maker 6.0
Movie Maker 6.0 is the version of Movie Maker in all versions of Vista. I copied the folder with it's sub-folders from my Vista Home Basic laptop.
For this version, you should register wmm2ae.dll, wmm2clip.dll, wmm2ext.dll, and wmm2filt.dll.
Registering DLLs in Windows 7 can get a bit tricky as you need admin privileges.... if you're not confident in what you're doing, seek help. I'm still studying the process.

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