Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Radio online, enjoy free music beside iTunes

What is radio? Can any one remember "when I was young I'd listen to the radio, waiting for my favourite song"?

Computer and internet make us busy today. We can listen to music, watch movie, browse web sites and read news etc. with our computer. So radio is only a old box lying in dirt. Not much people will notice radio now. Internet is said to be rich media as poor medias like radio with only sound.

But don't forget, radio has sound! This is its amzing part. Just imagine it, sound go though the air, house, montain and river, and finally it is played beside your ears. And the radio always goes forward with musics, rocks, blues, country musics, the Beatles, Elvis,and Bob Dylan etc. To me, radio is equal to music. And the musics are free and colorful.

So when you found you are tired of your iPod, can not find free music, losted in the musics sea and don't know how to choose, why not try the radio. Now, the radio is not far away from your computer. There are kinds of online radios. Just open their page or install a little plugin, you can enjoy free and colorful musics at once.

What are you waiting for? Here just enjoy free music from radios online!

AOL Music
Listen the radio directly on the web.

MTV Radio
Ok, the radio of music!

Radio Online For Windows Media Player
Download a wax file, play it with WMM, then you can enjoy the music!

Yahoo Music Radio
Ok, another web radio.

CMT Online Radio

Web radio again.

There are kinds of radios on this site. It looks like a online radio search engine.

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