Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to add MOV videos to Windows Movie Maker?

It is a big problem that Windows Movie Maker can only edit AVI videos. So if you want to add a MOV video to Windows Movie Maker, you need to convert the MOV video to AVI first.

I have wrote many articles about convert videos. Here I will show some easy steps about how to add MOV video to WMM(Windows Movie Maker). What we need a video converter like Leawo Free AVI Converter or Leawo Video Converter. They are both easy to use.

Step 1
Open the video converter, and add the MOV videos to the video converter.
Step 2
Double click the file to have a preview. Select each file and choose the appropriate format in "Style". Choose "AVI With DV Codec" or "Lossless Uncompressed AVI".
Adjust video or audio quality to satisfy your needs. Set an output folder by "Output" for the destination files. Then, you can also click "Customize" to edit the video.

Step 3
After you click the start button, you will get an AVI video in minues.
So you have changed the MOV to AVI, you can add your MOV videos to Windows Movie Maker easily.

Wish it is helpful.
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