Monday, August 10, 2009

Leawo Video Converter V1.9.0.5 is released with newly optimized functions.

Leawo Software Co., Ltd.

The Newly Upgraded Version V1.9.0.5 Has Optimized RMVB Encoding And Made RMVB Decoding More Stable.

Shenzhen, P.R. China–July 29, 2009: Leawo Software Co., Ltd, the developer of Video Converter solutions, today announces the upgraded Version1.9.0.5 of Leawo Video Converter is released. This newly upgraded V1.9.0.5 has provided newly optimized functions and fixed some bugs, including making RMVB Decoding More Stable, optimizing RMVB encoding, improving video conversion process, and fixing the bug that image doesn’t match the format, etc.

It is possible to make RMVB decoding more stable than ever before. Now users can get rid of annoyance which RMVB can not be converted to all popular video formats. With the help of V1.9.0.5, users now not only can convert RMVB to video of any formats, but also can get high-definition video show after the RMVB to video conversion. Definitely, users are able to enjoy both convenience and high-definition video show from the stable RMVB decoding. And also, more satble RMVB decoding brings higher conversion speed.

The newly upgraded V1.9.0.5 has optimized RMVB encoding. In general, file conversion, no matter the size, can take up the space of CPU. As we know, the size of CPU’s space exerts great influence on the Internet speed. The main reason for optimizing RMVB encoding is that the memory can be less occupied, and the conversion can be accelerated to a great extent. Besides, the program doesn’t shut down when converting RMVB videos in terms of optimizing RMVB encoding.

Video conversion process has been improved. You pause the video conversion when converting RMVB to WMV, but it can not continue to convert any more, how do you deal with it? Luckily, V1.9.0.5 has fixed the problem. Currently, whatever video formats you want to convert from one to another, you’ll find the video conversion process become very fluent, even if you pause it in the process of converting video file.

This new V1.9.0.5 has fixed bug that image doesn’t match the format in “Style”. Now, users can find all of images are matching the following formats. The higher the quality, the easier the use. Additionally, the newly upgraded version has put the converted window and main window together in order to make video watching become available in the process of converting, thus users can watch video so as to kill time.

With bugs fixed and some powerful functions added, the performances of V1.9.0.5 should be much better at converting videos and audios among all popular formats.

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